poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


It kills me
Like cigarettes
So slowly

I hope
It does not
Bring cancer
I hope

It thrills me
Like a rollercoaster
But gets boring

I change way
To find new ways
To roll and still
Find it amusing

I'm still alive
Every night
I go to sleep

And think
About all I've done
In the past hour
or the week

Every morning
I wake with a smile
Every day
I know that I'll speak

With a human
Someone just like I
And it thrills me
To meet

Other people
With different minds
Different visions
Other thoughts

All these people
Make me blind
To my own will
In which I'm caught

Days may pass by
Doesn't matter
As soon as my words
Reach someones mind

I'm always present
Even when after
Always ahead
Even when left behind