Judgement day
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2006


Yesterday was the day of justice and choice,
When the people of this land had chance to use their voice,
Yesterday was the day to decide,
The rules that we all will follow and abide,

During the night the air filled with tension,
It felt like walking through a different dimension,
In my dreams I was partying together with pirates,
Then I wake up in a dreadful silence,

On the radio they say who has won,
Its the start of a new day a new ways begun,
With a new government that will rule everyone,
Last night they all partied hard and had fun,

I still wish the pirates would win,
You probably all do think so within,
They would bring new rules and free us from sin,
So we can openly start legally copying everything.

In 4 years we'll have another vote,
Save this poem and openly quote,
With luck the pirates will all still be afloat,
We will win next time I hope.