Kickoff Elementary
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


Back in elementary air was easy to breath
Now I seek relentlessly what I'm content to be
Should I go alibi wild or plan my life carefully?
Maybe take five years of reverse psychology?

Best bet would be a long lifetime of poetry
Scribbling all that means to me and what I seem to see
Everyday a brand new chapter in my lifelong story
I ramble without worry thanks to teachers suchlike Glory

They did all teaching for me and I learned the lores like storm
Been learning words and burning verses since I first was born
I've been churning abstract prose since I first bore clothes
My relationship with phrases is not just a phase I suppose

I love to write can write all night, about what's wrong about what's right
I love antiques, I fight my sleep, I write my thoughts on skrinkled sheets
I free my mind and feel so fine, throw out sounds both dull and divine
And amidst this flow of thesis from which my thought can't be torn

I remember teachers like Gloria Thorn