Let me present my future
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I am sitting here at home
Rembering verses that came my way
When I was just a boy
But in my mind they will always stay

Remind me of the times
When then was now and now was so far away
When I could fly
In my dreams the clouds were detailed

I see myself as I was in the past
How I thought I would be and forever last
And I thought I could see the coming time
I thought the world was round like a lime

And I thought it was sour
And a little bit sweet
And that it was all mine
To both pick and eat

I had a choice to take it
To eat it, drin it or make it
Into something difference
It was my path in existence

And time flew away
And night turned to day
And I let that lime rot
Like the time that was shot

So meet my conviction