Loaf of Breath
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I'm just a person
Spinoffs on reality
Spinning into dreams I seldom
Wake up from

I'm just a human
Spiraling out of consistence
Inconsistant when I'd like to be
Content with what I need to leave

I'm just a madman
Smothering thresholds for those above
Killing the reason to live and love
And be happy

I'm just a batman
Flying high over gothic skies
In Gotham City I glide sometimes at night
And catch the bad guys and cash their fright

I'm just a sadman
I sit on rooftops and recite poetry
Describe places that I'd rather like to be
And faces that I still remember

I'm just a tad man
But I won't let my feminine side win
I keep it sealed and I keep it trapped within
And I stay furious