poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


I don't look back
I don't look up
I am too tired
I've had enough

Of the war which we fight
And for whome we fight for
I don't want delight
I don't want more

All I want is sleep
All I want is rest
I've killed many people
That's it - I confess

I know I'm not a Christian
But this just aint for me
It's out of this world
It's above humanity

I'm not a humanitarian
All I want is life
A loving family
And a lustfilled wife

But I can't get that now
That I lead this strife
This war has no meaning
This war in which I fight

And there is no end here
No end in sight
And there is no point
And I can't see the light

Only darkness darkness
In the trenches I crunch
So I ask you, sir
What will we have for lunch?