Meeds of Evil
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


You don't know me and you don't feel my pain
I know you've never tried to decipher my brain
But if you ever did all your tries would be in vain
Because I'm metaphorically and unclinically insane

You can't catch my vibes with a three foot pole
I hang them out to dry and they swallow skies whole
They follow drunken breezes wherever they may go
Roll on waves - form by storm - in darkness they glow

I speak in tongues so twisted there is no whole cause
In my world there are no limits - dimminished are all laws
Sing in tones that you can't hear - my voice it won't reach your ear
I try to breath loudly - be focused - see clear

But something always breaks when all else fails
It might be time to rise and then set sail
If we are to flee the winds of evil
Weaving through the world

Sleeping in the meadows
Waiting for darkness
To be born