Mind Unlimted 01
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2010

Writing my thoughts down without thinking, this is the result.

Visit the reality
Fantasy enbalminated
Contain your emtotion
So that you can live with yourself
Because you know there is now supreme
Spectre of light included, there is only light
In the darkness, all around, surrounding
Whatever the world is, it doesn't matter
He is smarter, he is spelling doing 2000 dollars a year
2000 dollars is a lot of money I would need more
Why me, who am I kidding
I don't know
The first of verses
Aces flying
Typing with my eyes closed
Fear that I will stop
Hard typing what I think
Top secret
Thoughts in my mind
Whatever the world
Happing in the mathematical styx
Degraded disoriented
Belief is a system
World on it's edge
Suurvival explosions transformers
Castle up in the sky fall down the walls
Rust, die, swoon in balsam
Soap washes ears, fear, here, forest
Everywhere green leaves and
Am I trapped in the ozone
Space so far away
Typing like I like it
Biting, blogs
Will I want to live my life like this in the 31st century
There is darkness
Pitch black, if I close my eyes
See motives, faces gathering, knowing
When the world will come to an end