Morning Winds, Set Sail
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Just for today, I'd like to write a poem
Since I don't know when, or where - I will die
Still when I live, I at times forget to
Live and really let lose, and see the sky

Because when troubles, bear down upon me
And when depressions, have fallen on me
Then come the sessions, when I don't see
All of the blessings that rain down by me

I have the choices, to take good care
Of these sessions, that seasons share
If I just let them, let them get near
I won't forget them, or seize to bear

All of these burdens, they are my storm
They are the blankets, that keep me warm
And out of them, my life is born
They let me manage, and let me form

All that is true, to me and you
All what is real, all which I do
And the impression, that I am fine
Is in it's essence, a lie divine