Not all That Bad
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I don't really know which side
But that don't matter cause I'm alive
I'll do everything I can and strive
To stay as I am and to survive

In this cruel world were the mutants fish
Where the rich have the world at their fingertips
Where the poor people burn and lose their grip
And society is sorted by violence

Where people roam and live in denial
And people cry and scream in the night
Humans are beasts, so angry and vile
But still it seems that the world just might

Have some hope left when people like him
Despite the hopelessness we live in
Dive into the sea and well there they swim
Across the ocean to fetch the potion

The antidote that heals both heart and soul
The antidote to make all halfs of us whole
The antidote no wrath has power over
The antidote that ucres us - makes us sober

It seems like the storm will soon blow away
Maybe we will live to see another day
When the sea is clear blue and the sky a vast array
The clouds fly by and a painter portrays

This heaven