Note if I
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


We take for granted far too much
We travel far to take our grant
When gramps is dead too far we'll rush
To take the crown off his severed head

We are his sons, but we don't care
We see no sun up in the air
We see no clouds, we see not clear
But grimy as the bottom of the ocean

When filled with toxins we spit out
We will not seize our rush
Selfproclaimed pain everywhere we touch
Not ourselves, but the world surrounding

Everything is upside down
As the line when you tossed it
But how can you tell, for the line is round?
Length is all, we lost sleep

Thinking about how much we won
Thinking about how much we will win
I'd like you to note that I aint done
I am human, I am next of kin

And I can spraypaint painted walls
I can scream when angels call
I can be cross when you try to be nice
I am human, these plans I devise

The lust of destruction is far too strong
I don't mind if it won't last long
The world we live in, which we live in
In less than a million years it will be gone