Over the Earth
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


When the world is what I need
To break the borders and set me free
I see the fall of views infront of me
Cloudy clouds that slyly crowd

The clear blue deepend confront us
I admire the flyer as I ride the bus
To and then from the places I could go
The smoketrails follow, holy and low

When there is no road left to let us win
When there is no world there to let us in
The hearths of grace, all earth we face
Cower in power and disrespect our race

It's all been done so many times
Confined in mind all we leave behind
And let follow while we flow like sand
And let life swallow to popular demand

When the rivers run where we can't leave
There is no beauty for us to believe
Nothing left for our humanity
We spend our needs our famished feeds

Leave all trails undenied in doubt
All leads are lavished and worn of out
Spend our years caring for those who know
That it doesn't matter where the sunlight goes

Because, it will come back
And rise up above
Over the horizon
Over the earth