poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


In river beds they lie
The oyester shells, the crabs, the stones
The pebbles that hang out
By algae overgrown

Friends better than others
Together in all weather
They leave each other - maybe
To search for someplace better

In a dussin years
Or two dussin, or three
Or maybe four, or maybe five
Or maybe a century

They have no rush, they have strong bonds
They lie beyond the world we know
On the bottom of my pond
I see them sing, sparkle & glow

They take no air
They take no space
They seldom rise
To our surface

They're always there
They never chase
Destinies, dreams, nightmares
Like us humans

Alive or dead
They don't take steps
They tackle life
In silence

Without motion
Or means of violence
They still live
Behind us

Unlike us humans
Below our feet
They don't complain
They don't retreat

The pebbleheads
The supreme elite
Maybe we should all dig down
And learn from the pebbels that define, our ground