poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


If I tell you
Tomorrow it all ends
The world as we know it
And then it starts again

A new life will be born here
Will flourish in our torn years
Will grow and devour all despair
And become like we never knew

The people will be easy
They will live life in peace see
And stand on a cliff by the blue sea
Peacefuly singing to the ocean breeze

They will leave no verse for me
For they will know all that's to be told
And they will never die or grow old
Because they don't know our calling

And when the sun is falling
And you have heard my tale
Will you pray to higher religion
Or let your ego prevail

Will you be happy for the creatures
That take over our world with their hope
Or will you cry in agony
And hope it's all a joke