Play the Role
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


If the darkness is dark
We on journeys embark
With the shadows of name
In our ambition to claim

All that floats by our ark
All the visions we tame
In our rolls we are stark
As the trolls raging sane

If the brightness is bright
We do siftle the light
We stay still and do fight
For the future in grasp

If it holds nothing more
Than the visions we hope
Will one day reach our lore
Of ambition and folk

Will reach out to us
And touch us
And scream out
Our names

And we will not only
Find riches
But rise
To great fame

If our role played
Is right played
Our sight payed

But if we do not
Ask nicely
We might just
Reach up

To another role
Of models
And form ourselves

That can let our soul
Rise higher
Into the grates
Of eden

And if it doesn't boost us
Then we can mold it down
Down into the mold that mounds
On the barren ground