Poe Situation
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


He rose
From the shadows
And they didn't know
His name

He climbed up!
Towards great fortune
And fame

He rose
From the shadows
And into the bright

He was Poe
And he fought battles
All whome he won
With much delight

He was brave
He was no coward
Over many graves
His figure towered

Weather it was day
Or darkest of nights
He let his sword down
With all his might

The great power
Was on his way
And his respect devoured
All he did not slay

He built an army
And his soldiers fought
All the riches
That big Poe sought

They were enriched
By the knowledge he bought
And they grew greedy
Big Poe thought

He held them trapped
In a cage by mind
But slowly he left
All this strenght behind

And in due time
Big Brave Poe aged
He no longer fought
With the same grim rage

And when his soldiers saw this
They stormed his fort
His reign had been long
And theirs would be short

On a blooddrenched battle field
Big Brave Poe still stood
That his soldiers would decieve him
He had long understood

Now it was time to retire
And settle down for good
So big Poe wandered
Down to the wonderful woods

Leaving all traces
Of slaughter, of vengance, of void
Behind him