Professionally Procrastinating
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I got stuff to do
I have lines to fill
I will do so too
When there's time and will

I got work to finish
And I will get it all done
Before motivation diminishes
And I just crave for fun

But after an hour of disaster
I feel like living just a speck
And then two hours after
My motivation still is a wreck

So I might just watch another movie
To get my mind back in check
And even though the movie was groovy
I just can't work - out of respect

I got stuff to do
I have words to type
I will do so too
If it takes me all night

I have essays to finish
I have books to read
And I will read them all
As soon as my soul is freed

Just a little activity
It might get me in the mood
Just a few short clips to see
They might change my attitude

Just a few more stories to read
They might help me find my way
And now it seems like I haven't done
Anything today

I got stuff to do
I have rows to reap
But it seems I might
Have to do it in my sleep