Really Now
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


Well I dont really know what this road will lead to
I don't really know if I'll ever believe you
But I say, I say
I keep walking this path, anyway ...

Well I don't really know where this road will leave me
Wherever I go it seems it just decieves me
But I say, I say
I'll just keep following this way ...

Well I don't really know how many turns I've turned
I can't keep track of all the burns I've earned
I can't keep count of all the wounds that have opened
For all the wrong words that my mind has spoken

Well I don't really know how much of me is true
I can't really see how much my life glistens
I don't really mean all the beams that flew
Away from me then when my ears would listen

But my mind, it is blind
Unpenetratable by the wall of silence
My mind, so confined
Underrated by the charms of my allience

And they say, that they saw
How I slowly wagged my tail
And they grabbed, my paw
But still I couldn't let me fail

So I flew out of their grasp
Leaping over fields
Leaving a trail of noise
Tol follow