Red Earth
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I'm so tired don't you know
Tired of this same old flow
Tired of the days that go
All the routines that I chose

All the foes I chose to swallow
Still my tummy feels so hollow
I need more friends so I can change
I need more sunshine by this range

The grass don't grow
The flowers don't bloom
The seeds don't sprout
Despite eternal gloom

The grass lies low
The flowers cranked head
The seeds hide below
The earth pale and red

I'm so tired don't you know
Tired of my growling ego
Tired of the upcoming efficiency
That at times takes a hold of me

And sometimes lets me go
And leaves me lost. Where? I don't know
It makes me think and it makes me smile
Or it leaves me confused, if just for a while

The grass ain't green
The flowers ain't fine
The moon don't glow
The sun don't shine

The grass lies down
The flowers softly sway
And the year goes round
In this plantation of decay

I'm so tired don't you know
Tired of this same old stutter
Tired of times never slow
To myself I dully mutter

I saw the skull in my window one night
I screamed inside and jumped back with fright
But in the morning the skull was still there
It looked at me with a calm blank stare

So now I can't even be afraid
When the spiders crawl on my marmelade
Now I don't even care to shout
When I see the demons that I let out

So now I can't even control
The depths of me, the helms of soul
And I still can't seem to grow
Opium blossoms in this thirsty soil