Rivers Run Rivers Free
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Time is as endless as a river
But in rivers there are damms
Damms they block the river
And send shivers down a mans


I love the freedom rivers see
That they symbolize for you and me
Still people chose to act as such
And damm these rivers all too much

Damn them!

They stop the rivers endless flow
The make the world so grey and cold
I call them ogres, demons trolls
The people who freedom provokes

And I

I sit and stare up at the open sky
At the small birds that up there fly
And I think about how it would be
If they condammed the air too!

For you and me

I wouldn't like it
No not one bit!
So I've been thinking
This is it!


Please go out and blow them damms away
And let the rivers flow like they're supposed to
Maybe then the world will be a bit less cold and grey
And we could live the lifes as we all chose to