poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2007


See the bright sea?
Shining bright so peacefully?
Flowing fast and going free?
Glowing green and folding themes?

See, can you see?
The sea that I see?
The beast and the beauty?
The depth of memories?

A light is at the waves
Shining through the covers
Cutting light it shaves
As the waves wave by

A cold layer on my face
Ice of salty taste
Sailing under sea
A sailors been misplaced

Slowly lowing through
Fish walk by and moo
Stare at me with eyes
Red and fangs that bite

Sucked out of cold tavern
I rise from the giant wave
To the surface of my wrecked ship

See the bright sea
Shining bright so peacefully
Flowing fast and goin free
Glowing green in folding themes

See, I can see
The sea that I see
The beast and the beauty
A depth of memories.