poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


I know minorities are scarce
In this world
I searched for scornity
Until - I met her

Inside all melted helm
The demons unfurl
Inside this broken down
Bestowed upon me

I know majoriates are fierce
In this world
I searched to devour them
Until - I was earthed

Till I got down to earth
Where I met this pretty lady
Married her in June
And today she had my baby

And it all comes to be
The reality I three
All good things come in doubles
All bad in trilogies

And it all comes to pass
The time so good it lasts
Not so long, at all
But I don't belong, and that's all I fall for

Call my door stall, stall my records break

Like a fountain without a saint
I need some new colors, I need some new pain
This frail life

And uneven too