Seven Running
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Seven days, my mind runs away
It leads me astray, to the depths of appraise
Seven weeks, my minds justice keeps
Track of all kosher, I'll cough like a soldier


Seven days, my mind runs in tune
The salutes and tributes and the rising full moon
Seven weeks, my sense of justice reeks
Lacks all eatable cheap, leaks like a chastice


Seven days, my mind roams in rivers
Sent collective substitues sit and deliver lanterns
Seven weeks, ricochettes bounce high at noon
The enemy tracks us down, in the shadows, just like a


Do I really have the resolution it takes to survive?
Do I have the hesitation it takes to stay alive?
Do I confide to the alienation it takes to defy?
Laws of gravity, laws of violence, and the riot