Shadows of the Fate we Slay
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I sit inside a dimlit room
The time outside, is maybe noon?
I see no light, yet feel it pass
The sands long gone in my hourglass

My skin is glasslike, yet has its cracks
I shatter for movement, each minute is massive
Each step I do break, and I can't get back
I sit in my seat and still remain passive

Sometimes I dream my way out to the beach
Away from societies grasp, out of reach
But even there a lost solar flare
Makes me aware, of the convictions above

I can't seek shelter from my felonies pertained
And maybe they make me, with rays of cocaine
I have no soul no more, and all hope is in vane
That one day we might see the sun

So if you see a ranger, hurry up and run
He might laugh and smile, unintended was the pun
But I know that might live a life prior to this one
In a past that he doesn't know