Since Since
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I don't believe in missery
I don't blame you for trying
To live wishfuly, undying

Hopes and dreams


A notion to portray

As an artist those were days
Long gone from this earths face
The surface of a race, worthless

Betrayed by itself


This ocean still does say

That we sink if we don't float
That with sound there is a note
That it quotes us when we fight

Our emotion opens and closes
Like the vases our wifes throw
And the hives of bees that swarm

Sworn to a life, and then reborn


Into life by itself, keeps us warm

Like a blanket when days are cold
Some of malice, some of gold
Some shine brighter than written envy

Some of sunshine some of rain
Some of love and some of pain
Some return and some refrain

From letting us set sail


Prevail, into the eons of another