Still Savage
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


We are still who we were a thousand years ago
We still claim our lands with piss that flows
We still kill all people who don't live in peace
And if the war won't come, we'll make sure it won't seize

We are still who were ten thousand years ago
But now we align our foes in neat unbroken rows
And cut of peoples fingers, genitals and toes
All for the pain and anguish, that we still do miss so

We are still the ones who burned up hope, still the ones who learned to cope
With the life so harsh and grim, we did not love we cared nothing
We are still the ones who bathed in blood, and loved to kill and never loved
Life was cruel and hard and just, to live this life we thought me must

Until change came, and conused us all, yet we still did not learn to fall
Into the line of peace and time, we kept on killing for law divine
And still we do ideals hold true instead of human nature
I ask myself, and so should you, will we ever mature?