Stooping Below
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I thought I could not
Stoop so low
yet stoop so low
I did

I stooped so low
I could touch my toes
Back when I was
A kid

Stooping lower than I did
I thought I would not ever
Do again

But listen now
And hear, my friend
Of how low I could

When I needed a job
I went to see
A friend of mine
Who sailed the sea

He was his boss
His name was Ross
He had a boat
Out by the dock

I tossed him over
With a friendly grip
Stole his boat
And gave him the slip

I never returned it
I sold it to
A buddy of mine
Who I too knew

We had many parties
We had much fun
After my lowstooping
Days begin

We dat at the bardisk
We sat under sun
And basked in his fathers

Then when I realized
I'd taken enough
I took a few pictures
And packed my stuff

And blackmailed him
For a fortune small
Until he had no will
To live, at all

On the side
I arranged a scam
Selling fantastic potions
For the impotent man

Time passed so fast
And here I stand
Below my toes
With grands in hand

Thinking about
The choices I chose
And all that I
Will choose

Grasping the cash
In a clasp of wrath
That I will never
Let lose

And so I live
Past what I did
Still wishing I
Could rise

Past my toes, my knees, my noes
And higher up
Into the skies