Strafing Dissorder
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


If I knew about the truth that flew
Out my window, reborn, anew
I'd have saved it for other days
I'd have lied my night away

If I knew about the brand new me
I think I'd have sailed to see
And stayed there for bout seven years
Until I was insane, prepared

For the life that revolves around
All the sights, the smells, the sound
All the lights that upside down
Poise us to our perspective

If I had known that I did not own
The world, nor a part, I would never have thrown
My life to the stars or a start to the sky
I would have let the change pass me by

The chance to bestow and the chance to remain
But it would not matter for I would be sane
And you could not kill me for I'd have no name
I would not die in vien, my blooddown the lane

Floating in slivers over cobbelstones drawn
Slowly delivering color this dawn
And as the night falls my flow dribbles on
As I scribble, deep in riddles, reaping wrong