Stranded (2009)
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


Trapped on an island
Lost in the sea
It's where I am now
Not where I want to be

I eat fish for dinner
I eat fish for lunch
For breakfast tomorrrow?
Oh, I have a hunch

I eat coconuts as dessert
I drink water from palm leaves
I climb high in the mountains
And I swing myself from trees

The storms they come raging
They come in with the breeze
And I just keep on aging
It is as if time won't seize

Even though it stopped for me
Four years ago when I got here
It all stopped so abruptly
And since then I've grown so long hair

That it reaches down to the ground
And keeps me warm when I lie in my cave
To let life on this island go round
You must be brave

Like I am

It reaches into both heart and soul
It gets you disfigured, it swallows you whole
It lets you remember, it lets you forget
It lets you lose track of the days you have set