Street of Arm
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I was walking down the street one day
Wandering far and further away
From the street I used to know
To one I had never seen

Not in nightmares, not in dreams
Nor in visions or on the screen
It was a piece of something new
It was a stream I could see through

There were no people, there was no noise
Still I had no strength when using my voice
It let out as whispers so tiny and frail
Between the buildings its echo set sail

So grand behind me that I felt so tiny
My arms so short, my legs so thin
I felt the pressure on my shoulders
It seemed to snap all ribs within

It seemed to drain me of all strength
Until I could barely stand
More than I had this street of me
And my soul seemed to demand

So I turned back without a sound
I quickly turned, I turned around
And walked back to the street I knew
Away from all I could run too

The street at home was filled with noise
I spat out phrases by own choice
My voice was strong it did not halt
On my frontlawn a summersault

I did to feel alive once more
More living than I had felt before
At home at last, at last at home
The sky was blue, the sun it shone

This was were I felt at peace
This was where I could be at ease
Knowing that if I did as I pleased
The law would knock me down

From my throne and steal my crown
That was the law of this zone
But this fact did not get me down
For I could hear familier tones

Surrounded by friends and strangers
Mischevious kids and bewildered teenagers
Powerangers and raging rangers
I couldn't feel alone

Even when sitting inside on my own
The world around me, a world that shone
It did not fail to constantly shine
Even though this world was not just mine

It belonged to me, and everyone else
And I kept a piece just for myself
Without a reason with no just cause
I grasped a piece with sharpened claws

I did not mind being left behind
I did not mind being in the lead
For in this world myself in mind
I could be at peace, and read