Swim Swim Away Today
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I can't help but tell you
Of a little plea I have
A plea of help I held true
As I in deep sea ran

I ran away from sharkfins
Though in sea I could not run
Nor could I swim away from them
Swimming? I knew some...

I knew enough to hold me over
The wet and watery edge
My head bobbing in wet waves
Bigger than the neighbours hedge

That used to block out all sun when I
Need the sun to tan my thigh
I cut down the hedge one very dark night
But I could not cut these waves,
not with all my might

I think I thought I was dying
It seemed I saw the light
But it was only the sun
In the sky shining bright

From my false perception I did part
Both shook and startled in soul and heart
And surprised that I was still seemingly whole
Instead of limbless and dead like a pole

I think the reason was simple in all
A surfer on a large wave did earlier fall
With a surfboard grey like wild sharks are
My sight is not perfect, and it was a bit far

So after all adventure it ends okay
May I retract my plea, and be, on my way?
Away from the beaches and oceans - FAST
My vacation it seemed to be too big a blast

Far away from toetips, with verticle Handlegrips