Taming Blue Garden
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


If the world leaves me out here, a simple sacrifice
I feel it hard to bear, my price in pebbles
For everything that lives, it has a price
And I have always been, somewhat, a rebel

If they tell me to shoot down, I think I'll just jump around
Maybe spray a few blue bullets to the sky
And when they all fall to the ground, safe from friction and sound
If I'm lucky - someone - will die

We all have our fair share of nightmares
We all know the oath we take
We all make ourselves and our fights fair
Only, for our, sake

A piece of the cake is all we need
For this we drown in shame, we bleed
Our blood in seas, in mind, in rivers
Our restlessness delivered

We know the feeling may not be right
But it is this dream we have in sight
A notion noted for future fright
Surprise surprise, bright candlelight

When sunshine fails we make our own
A hinder to us is yet unknown
Our progress marked in heaps of bounds
Pushed, and pulled, and moved - around

Till nothing is where it seems to be
Or should stand still - reside peacefully
Inside the chaos we reap alongside
Our infamous building - shriveling pride

I see the seashells we sometimes crush
Or the wonders we turn to dust
The fields so green we burn in a rush
Trust in blunder - a furnished mush

We always sleep through our evil deeds
Not evil always, but free of sleep
We wake in mornings and tend to keep
The world, in our, twisted order