The Absent One
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


The valley of our valiant sun
Searching for the absent one
Absinthe clears the grasp of mind
Leaves all sanitary sanity behind

The mountain of our bravest foe
Darkened smog it smothers whole
A valley so full it might be land
Stretches far for the wretched and damned

The fountain of eternal youth
Lies cast from this path
And across the acres deus
Lie the beds of hate and wrath

Clenched into by all ours grasp
Clattered on a fear of stern
All the shores the kingdom sails
Leaves a tarnished fond to earn

In the living room we sit
Living in the room
And whine in all our lustful grit
Still All afternoon

Until the sun sinks down below
The cold horizon glowing so
Reminding us all of our home
Oh the absent one