The Life Surrounds Us
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


We do what we do yet we don't dare break down
Hide in the mist our intent underground
We live by our laws when their keepers are around
Still we seak to break all peace treaties in our town

We learn as we live no trust better than life
We lift heavy weights so that we can keep fight
Burning in our soul, revolving in our heart
Tearing us in pieces, and parring us apart

We do what we do all that we feel we must
Content in our dreams in reality we trust
In nothing and noone, we don't believe in sun
We don't believe that brighter futures might come

Someday far away
Someday when grass is grey
Someday when hope is soiled
Someday when souls are boiled

But when we burn as most
We head out to the coast
And find the hope again
An existence we call fiend

The life surrounds us