The Sign
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I see a sign
And I say woah
Because the sign
Is on my toe

Held by a stranger
He smiles with gold
Teeth in a row
I feel the danger

I see the sign
It sais "Stop"
But if I do
Will I get shot?

Though it hurts
It hurts a lot
I keep on fighting
Keep going strong

Striving to
Reach my own kind
Striving to
Cleanse worlds of sin

Striving to
Help humankind
Trying to
Drive pain out of mind

But the sign
It has a point
And my toe
Has a joint

And I am jointly
Both in my mind
And soul

So the guy
Stays in control
Symboilic as
The holy grail

But once the sign
Does drift away
I know my hopes
Will then set sail