poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2007


13 . . .

An unlucky number
For an unlucky me
On this unlucky day
I went away to Germany

My flight crashed in the ocean
The boat was blown apart
I can say I've had a great day
Right from the very start

I fell out of bed this morning
I couldn't decide what to wear
I accidentally placed superglue
On the comb that combed my hair

When I went to the airport
I wasn't very prepared
And even more trouble started
When we finally were in the air

Now I'm swimming here in the ocean
Crying out my lungs in despair
Dark clouds are closing in
And the sight isn't fairly clear

So I say, "when will I wake up?"
"Wake up from this nightmare?"
Only three hours left
Until date fourteen will appear

... I can't wait !