poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


The day it will come
The day will arrive
When we will no longer
Strive to survive

When we can with ease
Do as we please
Live for a decade
Centuries lease

The day it will come
It is coming soon
The day when the sun
Will fall and a moon

Created by man
Raised to the sky
It will shine so divine
It will lie in our time

We are blessed we are trapped
We are wrapped in a matt
We cannot move our arms
Or send out an alarm

We are caught in the tide
And on this tide we ride
We cannot step aside
We cannot change it's route

And we know not about
All the anguish and doubt
That we bring us upon
And in the coming dawn

The fires will burn
And our ashes will fall
On the world and we'll learn
That the future's not all

That the life that we live
Now is truth and a fact
And the past that we granted
We will not get back