Troll on a Roll
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Tim was a troll
This trolls name was Tim
He lived in a hole
And he wished he could swim

When the hole filled with water
And kept him within
And he waited, and waited
And waited

And when the rain left
The bottom was dry
So he wished for some water
And stared at the sky

And the days passed slowly
And the weeks passed by
But still no water
Fell down

When the weeks had passed
And he lay on the ground
His throat perched by thirst
And his hopes way down

A tiny drop landed
In the dusty white sand
And another, and another
And Tims hole was crammed

With masses of water
And Tim wished he could float
As the water rose higher
And soon reached his throat

But the rain did stop falling
And the water did sink
And Tim the troll kept calling
For a raindrop, to drink

Until the next time
That coulds would appear
And the days passed faster
Year after year

And the hole grew smaller
Until the ground he saw
And he noticed he was taller
As he stared in aw

At the flowers, and the sky
And the life that passed him by
And he wanted to reach out
But he could not move a muscle

And he realized he had grown
Too big for his known home
So he wished that he was smaller
And that he could swim, and that he could fly

Out of the hole that he lived in
Out into the open sky