Underworld Rises
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I sleep as not to wake up
The sleeping people
I sleep as to not stirr up
The sleeping demons

Guide the reaper
But please, be quick
Bring them down
To the rivers of Styx

And please do not let
Them rise up again
Please keep them chained
Their eyes to the pain

Their main focus slain
Like the words on the wall
Their shispers in vien
Concieted with downfall

No greed on earth is strong enough
To keep those demons there
Because the world rolls round and rough
Tormented by inner despair

And if the demons grow to strong
If they stay in their own world for much too long
Deep inside the mushy crust where they don't belong
We will falter in chaos without cause or napalm

To slow down these firebreathing beasts
As long as there is a world out here
The demonry will not seize