When the Sun Shines
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


There are days
When the sun shines
When its rays pierce through
The land, and the glass
And my head with all its juice
And it sparkes up a little bit
It leaves me a bit confused
Yet uplifted
And a bit tired
And my head is thumping
So I let my shoulders drop
And drift away
To dreamland

There are days
When the sun shines
And its rays pierce
Through the rain
And their shadow
Casts a prism
Of grim light and beauty
And I stare at it
Forget where I'm standing
Don't bother seeing
I just feel like landing
Down on the ground again
After a while
After a breif flight in the sky

There are days
When the sun shines
But its rays
Are blocked by clouds
And they cast shadows
And they cast chills
And the world surrounding me
Rages out loud
But then the sun comes back from its short vacation
And spreads beautiful rays across the nation
And people close their eyes and drift away
Until the moon rises
And ends their day

And there are days
When the sun shines