Where the raindrops fell
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


Clutter from the cupboards, down under this floor
Nearby one of neighbours, is closing a terrace door
Outside my indrawn curtains, clouds have blocked the sun
The rain left us this morning, and evening has begun

Inside the frigde they are melting, the snowballs that I left
A cardboard box with belting, is weighing down undeft
I have not seen the windows, since I am curtained in
And since I sealed my windoiws, the air outside feels thin

When I walk out on mornings, while the moon still floats above
Slowly myself storming, through all sceneries I love
Maybe someday without warning, all of this will seize
And I will lie down snoring, drifting away under unblight trees

Last autumn it was raining, many decimeters each day
But the drops that fell on the ground, bounced and sped away
Into the sewers they crept, down into mysterious depths
And I feel enough of regret, when I too tread, on this pavement