Why Trash
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2009


I took a morning walk
With my mother
She picked up others trash
Sweet of her

She put them in a stash
A rusty pickup bin
She opened up the latch
And threw the garbage in

Next day took a morning walk
With my mother
She picked up peoples litter
Sweet of her

We walked up to the bin
And she threw the garbage in
Now the garbage bin is full
The garbage bin in tin

Next day walking on the field
My mother and me
We keep on walking fast
And what do we see

The garbage from the bin
That we both did put in
So we pick it up again
And a new journey begins

Next day walking in the morning
With my mother
All I can think of is trash
Oh, brother

But the fields are free of sin
We don't see anything
The birds sing to us and the garbage bin
Is free from sleezy fingerings

Walking through the fields
My mother and me
The ground is free and green
And the sun is watery

It shines down upon us proudly
And sprinkles us with tears
Our hard work has payed of
After all these years