Wish for Winter
poetic scribble by Bob Axell 2008


I can't kneel if I'm to walk around
Flee the dark shadows that stalk the ground
Rise and stare at the crystal sky
Throwing drops of water at my open eye

I saw the snow but to no avail
The heavens chose to let it's glow set sail
Even further north away to grand USA
I long for the blanket to cover us and stay

It makes the world white but it brings us calm
It soothes our wounds like soft herbal balm
It lights the day and yet we sleep at night
Caressed by the winter, snuggled down tight

We plow through it's massives in greiveless delight
Of all stress we let go, fuzzy snowballs throw
The world forgets all about war and fight
When the winter comes things will be alright

Once more.