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Pokemon Dreams

I dreamt a little about Pokemon last night.

It's probably because I started playing again. Pokemon Black for DS.

The first couple hours of the game felt a bit familiar, so it's possible I've tried it before. Not sure if I just gave it a quick go without saving, or if that was Pokemon White, which I also have, and have a save file on pretty far in, but didn't think was mine because I bought both of these games second hand and haven't had much time for them since I did. Maybe it was though. I guess we'll see in due time.

Now that I've started you know how this'll go. It's addicting. But I've promised myself to really only play when I have time to spare: at night, during commuting, or when I'm sick. I tried the late state earlier, but I've been in the middle state a while now, so maybe I'll take some time to play some more before it's all first state sessions.

Probably better to play all day than stay up late night again and get hooked. My cold's not going away this way...

It's possible this will all be a very short gaming phase though, since I really don't have time to pick up anything as massive as this right now - if I have time to pick up anything at all - and it's usually the first, and most rewarding phase of the game, that's the most fun anyway. The one where progress is quick, incentives are all but few and far between, your Pokemon pretty much level up in every battle, and there's no way to get lost. Each new area you enter has an event trigger and is all new for you to explore. Every one you speak to has something new to say - whereas later on you get the same responses for half the characters, but still have to try them all because some convos change according to certain triggers in the game, and I'm a completionist like that.

Also new Pokemon get harder and harder to find, and level up, and everything both speeds up and slows down into one eternal grind.

Ah well. Might as well play a bit more while the hype's still high! Maybe it'll last this time. Maybe I'll actually catch' em all. I'll be back. It's time for... Pokemon Black.


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