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Police Academy (1984)

Police Academy (1984)

30 years later, the good 'ol Police Academy still manages to provide surprisingly high quality entertainment! The gathering of creative misfits that line up to sign in at the Police Academy (all for reasons of their own) are the heart of the movie, and each of them gets to shine. Michael Winslow 's fancy beatboxing sessions are still a highlight, as is that on-stage hiccup, and the towering Hightower has some pretty powerful scenes.

Steve Guttenberg plays the charming main character Carey Mahoney, and George Gaynes the commandant - also here with his trademark Absent-mindedness. Though he has a small role, he's one of my favorite characters. But I do love 'em all. Like snowflakes in a ball. Many of the original cast are unfortunately gone (Bubba Smith, George Gaynes, David Graf, Andrew Rubin, Debralee Scott and Ted Ross - to name a few), but the movie lives on, and still entertains greatly!

I'll have to review some of the sequels too someday. They weren't quite as good, as they all relied on the same formula and many of the same characters, but I do remember getting a few laughs out of those as well!

All in all, this was a nostalgic dose of crazy eighties comedy with a little bit of action. And romance. And character. And it's still great.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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