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Power Outage

I was sitting by the computer yesterday, minding my e-business as usual when... the screen once again went pitch black. I say once again because this happened just a couple of days ago. But a couple of days ago it only lasted a few minutes. Now the power outage lasted three hours!

I took a walk. I quickly scooped ingredients for a cold lunch out of the slowly heating fridge and ate it in a rare kind of calm, away from the screen, not efficiently watching or doing something while I was at it. I helped hang up curtains and boiled water on four tea lights, found out both flashlights I usually use are broken, loaded up a new one from my little stash of incredible cheap China import give-aways with batteries, turned on my phone for music and settled down to play some Pokemon Diamond when... of course the power came back on again! Almost like it was a sign. Don't play Pokemon Diamond in the middle of a regular home-working day! But what can you do when there's no computer? Wonder what would've happened if I'd have tried to read a book...

Involuntary breaks like this give you something to think about. They make you realize how fragile our existence really is, and how dependent we are on certain items - and on electricity, to accomplish our daily tasks. It also gave me a headache, but I might've had that one coming on since morning anyway. Moral of the story? Make the most out of these small moments! Live life to the fullest! And also, if you're using a stationary, buy a UPS.


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