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Prince (2010)

How can they shoot so much and hit so little?! The bullets fly, yet nobody dies! At least never the good guys. It might make sense in that one scene where the guns are apparently loaded with blanks, but what about all those other scenes!

Prince is the story of a professional thief who looses his memory, wakes up in a beach house with his assistant, finds his girlfriend at a club - Maya, and is told they were about to get married and escape. Then another Maya comes to his house claiming he's actually a CBI officer attempting to take on Sarham, the biggest thug on this side of the ocean! And then... things get complicated.

The action scenes are pretty cool, and there's plenty of them. There's plenty of fancy gadgetry too, though unfortunately a lot of it presented via CGI, and the plot - though not the most consistent, does have plenty of unexpected twists and pitfalls. But they don't manage to capture it very well. Bullets are flying all over the place and nobody's getting hit, motorbikes (with people on them, of course) are jumping off rooftops and the landings barely toll the hydraulics, not to mention the passengers. It's good action (and a little romance, as to be expected with a Bollywood movie!), but it's far from the most efficient, fun or well-acted movie I've seen. Still worth a watch though.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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