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Prisoners Of The Sun (2013)

Prisoners Of The Sun (2013)

Aliens built Egypt. They bestowed upon mankind the greatest gifts they could imagine... but all of this had a price. The Osiris wanted the planet to themselves, yet the Pharaoh - the greatest human, and Ra the sun god, opposed their potential reign of terror and, when the Osiris tried calling their kin to Earth (an opportunity that reveals itself only once every five thousand years when the stars align themselves in a certain order), the Pharaoh stole the light from the Osiris and left them imprisoned in a dungeon.

Yet there were still those who welcomed the alien ways, and in secret a princess passed on their bloodline, and a gate was constructed in secret to welcome the visitors when the time came again... yet the Pharaoh also created a guardian and used the 'key of heaven' to lock the passage, mistrusting the princess ways even in death.

That's the back story, and by now I bet you're already assuming five thousand years have passed and the moment is once again opportune for these alien beasts to call their friends onto Earth and plunder its riches?

Right you are!

It could've been pretty cool story too if most of the movie wasn't mostly spent within dusty tombs and corridors, searching for the entrance (and the end), people occasionally getting killed and killing each other in the process, but more often just talking and scheming. Between a majestic introduction and a somewhat rushed ending considering it took so long to get there, there's a lot of eventlessness, and the actors aren't good enough to bridge this gap... nor does the lighting feel very atmospheric, it's bland and white, not fiery or dreary as you'd expect (or at least want to see) within old tombs. I like the story, but I don't really like how it's filmed or acted out; nor is the end particularly satisfying. What could have been A movie to B.

 rated 2/5: decent


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