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I keep writing about it, but I'm having a hard time focusing. At times I have no trouble at all, it all depends on what I'm doing. I've wondered if I've developed a form of ADHD through progressive procrastination, a lifestyle where the requirement that things are achieved within a specific time-frame are for the most part (excluding the final deadline each semester) non-essential. Still there are deadlines on regular assignments, too, that I manage to match... but just before it really counts, when I really need to sit down and do what I sit down to do instead of letting it pile, I break away. I surf. I write. I sort files. I eat lunch. I take walks. Normal behavior, maybe, but irritating nevertheless. I've always taken pride in my self-discipline, but at times it malfunctions. Times like now. But rather than doing nothing at all, I do something, I write a blog that I may post in the future. So it's not all bad. In fact, life is... pretty good. That's all.


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