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Project 2014

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to write something creative ever day, for the rest of the year. Whether it be a minty Cinquain, free verse from a dim brain, a simpler haiku or a rhyme that I do, I plan on constantly keeping the pen moving and staying inspired.

2014 is going to be my year, the year of the Snake, so I was a bit hesitant to start a project like this that'd require so consistent effort when maybe I should/want-to focus on other tasks... but does that hesitation have any merit? If I really aim to make the best out of this year, it's probably going to be with words. What better way than this to keep an edge. And it's five years since my last yearly poetry project so it'll be fun to see how I've evolved since then.

I've learned from my mistakes, from that past poetry session that lasted a full year. Writing a poem every single day at times took it's toll, but I always write, so prepare to see bursts of free-verse amongst bored minds on four lines. And probably the occasional haiku when time is not enough.

I may not always post these rhymes on time online (especially not during summer vacation) but I will keep writing, and update this category when I have computer access, and keep it separate from the blog because... well, at one piece per day I don't want to flood the activity stream! Here's to an amazing new year, full of hope and opportunity! And to a ton of fun; creative writing day out... night in.

Commencing... Project 2014.


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